Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Plant Update-Holiday Bulbs!

Tuesday is watering day at the Penthouse, so while i had all of the amaryllis gathered for their drenching, i snapped a few pics.

some of these guys are growing SO SLOW! it's driving me crazy.

this little short guy's bud is starting to open, so it doesn't look like he will be very tall. still can't wait to see him (i really need to label them once they open-something i never remember to do).

these two are farthest along.

i was quite certain (due to the white streaks) that this was one of the "Star of Holland" bulbs i planted.

VOILA! i was wrong. this guy is "Oskar", and this is what greeted me on the dining room table when i came home tonight.

the paperwhites in my bedroom are all open, and look gorgeous.

i wish i would have kept some back to plant a little later-it would have been great to have some blooming in February, to help get through that last stretch of winter every gardener dreads.

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