Sunday, January 9, 2011

1975 Design-Some Things are Timeless...Others Aren't

while at my parent's house, cleaning out the closet that will soon be annexed as a part of the kitchen, i found this most wonderful book. Better Homes and Gardens 1975 Decorating Book. it's interesting to see what has surpassed trendiness, and become classic, and what has been (for the better) left in the 70's. boy oh boy is there some bad stuff in here....

the cover seemed promising enough.

it's put together in binder form. i imagine this was so you could take a picture out of the book and with you to the fabric store. or it was cheaper to produce this way.

now this is a swanky sewing room! "Hold on honey. as soon as i finish your father's coveralls and down a couple of hi-balls, I'll make a jacket to match those pants!"

this room i do not hate. really, it just needs a little tweaking. and a little taking awaying.

um. a media room? the plastic chairs may be kind of cool as garden furniture, but the extra large (we called it a flip-and-fudge..."fudge" not being the real word we used) for a sofa is a bit much.

love the chairs. LOVE the table. i may even sort of like the carpet. but not in this room, and not all together. the coffee table, maybe, but no.

i would totally live here...but maybe make an easier way up to the second level. like a normal ladder.

that lamp is taking the Southwestern theme a bit too far.

yep. i would absolutely live here. as is.


this had some sort of caption about how perfect the less used twin bed fits under the table in the corner. but why does it fit under the table in the corner? and don't look now, but there is one of those creepy-eyed girl paintings on the wall over the less used twin bed.

i love this room perhaps best of all-but i would want that Eames chair from three pictures ago.

i think this is the bedroom that sewing mom made for the little girl with the pants. "Don't be scared! It's a picture of Daddy!"

finally! a picture where i LIKE the zebra print! this kitchen is sort of insanely wonderful.

as if the room didn't have enough pattern already, add more damn zebra! this just makes me want to close my eyes. i like the chairs, though.

perhaps the most important instructions in any 70's decorating manual.

this is where you put house guests you hate "Let me out! I can't find the door! or the window! or the lampshade!!! or the davenport! or the easy chair!".

once the chairs.

got couch?


  1. I totally LOVE the zebra carpet in the kitchen!!! I may just have to do that!!!

  2. I'm not sure where to begin...haaaaaaaaa! What a great find...I am pretty sure my house was used in the making of this book...the plaid bedroom is an exact replica of the boys' room (except their plaid is navy and red) I secretly dig the black and white laundry room, perhaps not the zebra striping, but the overall look of black and white I am totally into right now. The flag dining room....I ADORE the to get my hands on some??? Room labeled as "no" it has good bones...the tufted chairs -recovered, the hardwood floor that certainly lies beneath that hideous carpet-revealed, copious amounts of white paint liberally was the only room I think i could even work with...i think the 70's at least produced "workable" wouldn't you love to see one of these from the 80's.....horrors!!!!

  3. Flo-that carpet is awesome. i die.
    Tara-i cannot wait for the Bon Savant's visit to Cottage deHaven-camera ready...somehow i don't believe that the boys' room looks exactly like the above plaid. i mean, they don't have a sofa in their room, do they? as for the 80's, the clean out of "stuff" at my parents has just begun, so stay tuned....