Thursday, January 6, 2011

And Now, A Spot For Tea

alright, alright. there was already a spot for tea, and coffee, and mugs, etc. but it had become horribly disorganized, and that is NOT the way to start the new year. i am embarrassed to say the pantry is in equally dire straights-and it was less than a year ago that i took pics of it for the blog! i blame holiday baking.

i know there are tins in there somewhere....

oh. right. i just have to take all of the boxes out. i have been trying to drink more tea lately, and have actually needed to replenish several (thus the empty tins and crammed in boxes).

there is always plenty of Earl Grey and English Breakfast in the big container on the counter. both are perfect for late mornings when you don't have the time to make coffee (and since i use a French press, it does take a little time).

the other container holds decaf green tea. and no, i didn't "style" this shot-the tea pot is always out (as is the coffee press).

these air tight containers (in jadeite green, natch) are old ones from Martha Stewart Everyday. sometimes i really miss that line. i do not, however, miss going to K-Mart. one for beans....

and one for decaf.

regular ground coffee. you can see when you are getting low.

this is the last of the German chamomile from the garden. Holly planted chamomile several years ago, and for two years it was rather invasive. however, i regret getting it all out, since now we have none. perhaps i could find a better spot for it in the spring....

looking better!

i also did some rearranging in the shelves above, bringing together the smaller press, Irish coffee glasses, and the other teapot onto one shelf (keeping the juice glasses handy, as i am still on a fresh juice kick).

i rarely buy coffee mugs, but i loved these mugs created by John Derian for Target. they are nice and heavy.

all finished and neatly organized. i think I've mentioned the "paper" cups in the center of the bottom shelf. they are actually insulated china with a silicone lid. they make them in plastic now, too, which is even better for a to go cup. now for the pantry.....


  1. Love the tins and your talent for organizing.

  2. it's less of a talent and more of an addiction. ;)