Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Blog i Love

had an excellent day off today, and had a grand tour of Cottage de Haven. the house is lovely, and i have never seen so many closets in my life (i think there were nine or ten upstairs alone! so jealous!!!). i had intended to snap tons of pictures, but that would not have been nearly as fun as letting you watch the progress on Tara's blog. the facade of the house makes it look deceptively small-once you step into the foyer (with a wonderful curving staircase) the house just opens up and goes on, and on, and on. tons of great built-ins (as well as great built-ins in the walk in closets), and so much potential...that Tara is taking every advantage of. the house seems more like a house built in the Twenties or Thirties, and has so much character (much of it added to by the Mistress). there are two great bay windows, a kitchen FULL of cabinets (again, quite jealous), beamed ceilings, an amazing built in china cabinet. oh, and the basement-the ceilings down there may just be taller than the upstairs.
at any rate, it was great catching up with Tara and Luke. bouncing design ideas back and forth gave me an extra push of inspiration. they have done so much to make Cottage de Haven their home, and am excited to watch the progress. and i have a feeling i may be called back to act as design mediator between husband and wife soon!
can't wait for the springtime visit to see all the work they've done outside!

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