Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creating a Garden Handbook (and a Quick Fruit Tree Update)

been a bit busy getting the Penthouse back in order post Christmas, as well as tackling the projects I've been putting off (mainly finishing some painting). my office has hit overflow, and the bag full of all of the bulb cards was one of the main culprits.
this little "Garden Handbook" will be indispensable in keeping track of what is planted and where. i wish we would have started this years ago...

sorting them all out into some sort of order.

i started by trying to show clearly what was planted (and labeled the pages accordingly). i soon, however, simply labeled one sleeve with the name of the bed (Cutting Garden, Hydrangea Border, Boxwood Bed, etc.) and put all of the cards into that sleeve. it will be just as easy to pull them out and look at them.

all of the tags for all of the new fruit we planted.

i also put in any perennial tags i had-this will make it easier to mark them properly next Spring. leaving the tags in the ground over winter rarely works well, as they will either heave out of the ground and blow away, or just crack and fall apart.

i may need to make a book for each year...or maybe one for each bed. this is a good start, at least.

although i am ready for the greenhouse to be empty and out of the Penthouse (only 6 more months!) i am quite excited about all the new growth suddenly going on. the Meyer Lemon is really taking off.

remember that new start on the lime tree? it already has fully mature leaves!

and after some leaves dropped off the ficus carica 'Petite Negra' (the fig tree), probably due to travel and transplant, new leaves are emerging. this gives me hope that the little guy is happy.

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