Friday, January 7, 2011

Curried Red Lentil Stew

i ran across this recipe on Alexis Stewart's blog last month, and jotted it down on one of my "reminder" scraps of paper. well, i was reminded last night and bought the missing ingredients tonight.

prepped and ready. cooking really is more enjoyable (at least to me) when I'm not scrambling around to get the next thing ready before the onions start to burn or the water boils over. i also have a bad memory, so i can assure myself i don't forget anything.

here's the recipe you can follow. just kidding, this is a cheat sheet. here's the recipe

i always make little cheat sheets for recipes online, rather than print them out, and they always seem to end up on the fridge. i mean, the GOOD ones end up on the fridge.

getting the onions going

almost there-soft, but need to be a little more golden

after adding the curry, cayenne, and stock

it looks like a lot of Swiss chard (i used ruby chard, since it was all they had), but it cooks down a LOT.

see? i actually could have added a bit more.

add the lentils (picked through and rinsed).

all together. it gets very thick, and i could have added a bit more liquid to make it soupier.

i like it like this, however. less chance of spills. it seems like more of a "side" than a "stew", but i have to agree with Alexis in saying "mushy but delicious". Greek yogurt on top.

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