Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Messy Truth

so my pantry may be perfect, and my linen closet neat as can be. closets and dresser drawers...really very organized. i can find anything i am looking for in a moment. unless, that is, you are talking about paperwork. my desk and office are moving to the top of the re-do list. as i was preparing my taxes tonight, i went to grab my 2009 wasn't in the first place i looked, or the second, or the twenty-third (alright, i didn't look in twenty-three places, but you get my drift). thank god i remembered that H&R Block has them all on file!

the messiest part of my desk that you can see. the rest was all "hidden".

the file box full of old bill stubs was tucked neatly away. the stack of tear sheets came from a desk drawer.

ancient bill stubs, receipts, and catalogs

the tear sheets and all the stubs were in this drawer-i can't believe how much i had stuffed in there!
now to make all of the drawers look as neat as this one (which is full of Christmas and Birthday cards, letters, maps, and other memorabilia-as Little Edie would call it).

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