Monday, January 24, 2011

Meyer Lemon Coffee Cake

i love the sweet/tangy taste of Meyer lemons (not to mention their wonderful scent). they are great used in pasta, in salad dressing, and most especially in baking. this coffee cake did take a bit of prep, but the results were excellent. found the recipe from Martha, of course.

cutting up the butter into small pieces (instead of using the pastry cutter) for the streusel topping.

i mixed this in a metal bowl, to help it stay extra cold.

streusel ready to wait in the fridge.

quickly sifted the dry ingredients and set by the mixer (since i already had half of the ingredients out for the  topping).

slicing the Meyer lemons AS THIN AS POSSIBLE! this took the most time, but the results are worth it. make sure you get rid of any seeds.

parboiled for one minute in simmering water.

then left to dry a bit-more seeds are visible after parboiling.

next came the zesting. zesting really grates on my nerves.

mix, mix, mix the butter, sugar, and zest before adding the eggs and vanilla. then came the wet (sour cream) and dry ingredients.

just before this picture was taken, i realized i had left out half of the sour cream. therefor i took of the first layer of lemons and but the batter back in the bowl and sort of eyeballed it. my friend O (no, not my friend Oprah, whom i simply call Oprah) assured me it would be fine. she was correct once again.

batter, lemons, batter, got that?

end with streusel and pop it in the oven.

first cooling.

handy use for a Pellegrino or wine bottle. after running a knife around the edge of the cake, place bundt pan onto the bottle...

and slowly release the side of the pan.

more cooling before removing the bottom/center of the bundt pan.

time for the glaze. confectioners sugar and lemon juice.



yummiest. it really was good, and the recipe is true about the lemon flavor really becoming more pronounced after a few days.

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