Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More T.S.S.!

just last Tuesday i did some Thrift Store Shopping with my friend, Wills. today, after the earlier mentioned visit to Cottage de Haven, i headed back to Saint Vincent's in the hopes of getting that last glass shade for the sconces. i had a very small fail (the shade is the wrong size), and major successes (see below).

i spent $9.90. that's right-$9.90. as i said, the glass globe is too big (oy me), and the milk glass vases were "impulse purchases" (I'm picturing a lot of spring bulbs in milk glass) at $1 each. and the third vase, you ask? well that is a Green Lily Pond Thumb Print vase by Martha's Flowers (which i do not believe exists anymore). i saw it on eBay for $12.99. i paid $1. can't have to many vases, right?

oh, and the new coffee table was part of that purchase as well. i spied it quite quickly, and saw it priced at $6. that's all i needed. the old coffee table will now wait to find a new use in the "Re" project at my parent's house.

it is a much better scale. try as i might (remember, i had my dad cut the legs down) the old table was just too massive for the space. this one is perfect. i couldn't be happier.

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