Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Light "Fixture"

Two of the lights in the Penthouse are just simple, single bulb fixtures. I've always used "decorative" bulbs for these lights (they are in the hallway and the little entry), one a sort of cut glass, the other a half silvered bulb (to reflect the light upward). a few weeks ago, while perusing eBay, i ran across these awesome light shades that had been in the long defunct (unfortunately) Martha by Mail catalog. i went back and fourth on if i should order one or not, but for $15, why did i even think twice?

the old hall light bulb is an over sized, cut glass Reveal bulb. it casts a nice pattern on the walls and ceiling.

here is the shade, a metal lotus blossom. based on ones found at Skylands, Martha's house in Seal Harbor, Maine, i thought it would be perfect for the Penthouse. Sheridan Court was built in 1926, one year after Edsel Ford built Skylands.

the shade just clips right on an ordinary bulb.

perhaps something like this used to cover these lights.

looking up from below.

a 60 watt bulb, reflected up, is plenty of light for the small hallway.

here is the cut glass bulb close up.

the entry fixture has wonderful details.

the entry is now a bit brighter than when it had the half silvered bulb, but perhaps i should grab that last lotus shade still available on eBay....

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