Friday, January 14, 2011

Patching, Painting, and (Finally) Finishing the Kitchen

you may remember the Great Crash of 2010 (you know, the day when one of the kitchen shelves pulled forward from the wall, throwing all contents onto the floor and counter). well, i finally got around to patching the holes, painting the patches, and otherwise finishing the kitchen. though really, when is a room ever "finished"?

i had been looking at these holes for 4 months.

i started by using a plastic spoon to fill the holes...

but ended up using my thumb.

i was rather sloppy, but it will have to be sanded down before painting anyway.

all sanded. now you see it...

now you sort of don't. a little more filler is needed. but that on the bottom of the To-Do List.

while i had the paint things out, i decided to tackle the door and window.

progress after night number one.

and all finished today. looks so much better! no more dingy, old, "white" anywhere in the kitchen.

i don't think i showed you these great bamboo cutting boards Holly gave me for Christmas. i decided to hang them in the space left behind by the falling shelf. i love having useful "art" in the kitchen, rather than actual pictures. hanging here they are super easy to grab when needed, and out of the way when not!


  1. Beautiful. I love that you make rental spaces your own. We moved into our bungalow what...7 years ago this month...and I thought we would be here in this house less than a year, so I never did things I wanted to. And sadly, still haven't done what would make me really happy as far as decorating goes. Sigh.

  2. i can't believe it's been 7 years! this makes me feel much better, since i thought it was bad that the kitchen paint job hadn't been finished for 13 months.

  3. wow! that stove is small

  4. it sure is...but bigger than the last one, believe it or not.

  5. This is beautiful! Love, Suzanne