Sunday, January 2, 2011

A "Re" Project for the New Year

It may only be the second day of 2011, but the clock is already ticking. The Project of Projects has begun at my parent's house. This is the house i grew up in, where my parents, sister, and i moved when i was 6 months old (i think). it is in the same neighborhood where my mom grew up, although our street was just a field when she lived five blocks away. So I've spearheaded the massive "Re" project- repainting, reorganizing, re purposing, and a light amount of renovating (a short kitchen wall may be coming out quite soon). This is going to be a many stepped process, beginning with the living/dining room. The first thorough paint job in years has begun, and new carpet is soon to follow. Reorganizing will lead to a new dining room in what was once our playroom (re purposing), making a much roomier living room. Moving some kitchen counters will lead to the creation of a small pantry between the kitchen and dining rooms in an underused (indeed, NEVER used) closet. The smallest of the bedrooms will become a creative refuge for my Mom, and the second bedroom may be getting ready for Grandma to move in (maybe). I've declared it will all be done by Easter.
thank God Easter is quite late this year.

i looked to the great English decorator Nancy Lancaster for the inspiration behind the bright yellow walls. she famously painted her London drawing room a bright yellow, and it really helped bring together disparate pieces of furniture.

i also think it will just be quite cheerful in the day, and warm in lamplight.

Holly was painting all of the trim in the hallway. all holes were patched and primed (as well as all of the test swatches-from brown to green to gold) that we had put up before deciding on Haystack (Martha Stewart Living paints at Home Depot). Dad has already painted the ceiling (Picket Fence-again, Martha Stewart).

and of course, on a clear, sunny day, my mind runs wild with projects for the garden. should we plant some rather fast growing shrub or tree in the far corner to make a visual end to the garden? and what about the large open space in the center of the rectangular beds? we've always considered a round rose bed, but thought that would be too formal.

the center shade bed will connect to the old shade bed (a bit can be seen in the lower right corner) creating one large shade bed. this was planned for the fall, but something happened and we ran out of time-it may have been all of the bulb planting.

 the vegetable garden with plants i never cleaned up, and the new addition that needs to be planned in the open space to the right in the picture. the ground slopes, so we will need to build some sort of retaining "wall". will there be room for a few of the dwarf fruit trees I've been longing for at the back of the garden extension? maybe....if i plan correctly.

seeing these Autumn ferns hanging on after having been covered in snow makes me wish Spring would get here soon! but then i wouldn't have time to finish the "Re" project.

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  1. oh, I just saw exciting, I can't wait to see how it turns out!!!