Friday, January 28, 2011

Rearranging Bookcases, and Rearranging Them Back...Rearranged

there has been quite a bit of rearranging and reorganizing going on at the Penthouse lately (surprise), and for some reason i got it in my head last night that i wanted to move the bookcases from where they spanned the wall in the dining room, to the living room. i had this dream of placing them along the bare wall, and placing the table and chairs in front of them (because i look at too many pictures in too many magazines). well, my Greatest Drawing Room (haha) isn't quite big enough to do that, and so i put them back in the dining room, stacked this time.

here was where i decided to move them. oh, and i don't think I've shown my "winter slipcovers". i found a couple of CHEAP faux fur throws. i wanted some sort of gray, but these were cheap. they will probably end up some where else, but they are kind of cozy where they are now.

progress. i loved the way it looked....but then the sofa didn't fit. anywhere. i went to bed last night with an apartment in complete disarray.

so then i moved them back and stacked them. i wish i could go back and buy larger bookshelves, but oh well. i may attempt to put a strip of some sort of molding where the cases meet. they are surprisingly sturdy (at least when i shook them in what i thought would be about how much an earthquake shakes). the top shelves are set back just a little from the bottom ones, which are tilted back ever so slightly (so nothing leans forward. they will get anchored, as well).

the new bar (in the lower right corner) is actually the old cabinet from under the kitchen counter. it was the main reason for my attempt to free up some space. it still needs painted and organized. the dining room actually looks much larger with more floor showing.

and now i have my living room back just the way it was....and somehow better than ever.

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  1. oh, i loved them in the living room, too bad they didn't fit, but i loooove them stacked in the dining room! tres chic! the throw/slipcovers make me want to grab Wendle and show up on your doorstep (away from these people)! no, no, i won't do that, but that IS what i pictured when i saw them! haaaaa!