Monday, January 17, 2011

Reorganizing the Pantry

after reorganizing the coffee and tea cabinet, i realized just how far i had let the pantry get out of hand since the "snoop" around the kitchen last February. once again packages of things were piling up, saved jars with no lids were taking up valuable space, and i decided the recipe file really should be in the office, since that is where i plan/search for recipes. i was finally able to get the extra plates that had been in here moved to the china cabinet. and it was also a good opportunity to give everything a good scrubbing.

looking a bit crammed, and lots of things were buried (and therefore multiples had been purchased).

one side of the pantry emptied. yes, those are Ramen noodles.

a set of faux Bakelite flatware i forgot i had stashed away in a storage box. they have found a better home.

better use for the storage box-storage for the cookie gun. i cut out a part of the packaging to help keep everything neat.

then put all of the baking cups and picks on top.

time to get the label maker out!

i would marry my label maker if i could.

we have these great plastic scoops at All Occasion Party Rental for under $2. they are perfectly sized for these big cracker jars, as well as the big jars on the counter i use for everyday flour and sugar.

looking better. nuts and peanut butter have moved to this side of the pantry with the pasta.

i can see what is on this shelf once more, and all of the vinegars, oils, and cooking wines have been corralled once again onto one shelf.

look at all this extra space! i have plenty of room for extra Pellegrino and mixers, and all of the cake and cookie supplies are together, along with sanding sugars, sprinkles, and the kitchen scale. everything is much easier to access and find.

a sort through the spice shelf provided room to move all of the honey and agave, as well as a discovery of some vanilla beans that were hiding at the back.

the sugar shelf now only holds sugar! the light brown sugar has a new cracker jar with a tighter lid (as i noticed it was drying out and the dark brown sugar was not-the old container now holds dried beans).

MORE new space. i tossed any jars without lids into the recycle bag, a put all of the smaller baking dishes onto one shelf. it looks like i need to replenish the dried fruit-only cranberries and blueberries remain after Holiday baking.

just a little reworking, and the pantry is more user friendly than ever before, with plenty of room to grow... we'll see how it looks in a year.

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