Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

well i guess it wasn't really a snow day, since i was already off work, but i DID wake up with SNOW falling toDAY. for some reason i took a break from several projects and went out. here are a few pictures from my day (except for the patching, painting, and potting i did...you'll have to wait for those).
the living room looked great in the snowy light this morning.

pretty deep, but the pine still only looks lightly dusted.

looking up West Berry

the railing is my snow gauge...as long as it is not windy.

after doing a few errands, and seeing some Lovely Ladies (Clare and Chelsea) at the Firefly, i headed home down Lake Avenue.

the snow just kept falling. you can't even see Downtown!

One Summit Square in the snow (is it still called One Summit Square? i think it is).

home again, home again....

the pine was no longer dusted....

it looked like it was covered in frosting.

my scientific calculations prove we got about 4.8" of snow.

now time to get some work done.


  1. Beautiful! These pics make me homesick! My brother lives in your neighborhood btw. He's in one of the brick row houses.

  2. Thanks, Anna. none of my pics compare to any of yours! perhaps we should do a photo shoot next time you are in town! ;) i love the row houses, and have had several friends live in a couple of them.

  3. Catching up on your blog - but it made me sad. You're meeting other ladies at the Firefly?! I thought I was the only one. ;)