Tuesday, January 18, 2011

T.S.S.!!!!! (Thrift Store Shopping)

went with my friend Wills today to several thrift stores, as well as Joanne Fabrics to find some things for the fashion part of a top secret photo shoot he is preparing for...that's all I'll say, but I'll link the photos after the shoot. it's all really rather hush hush.
and since i have a hard time focusing on one task, i spied many great things (but also tried not to slow him down, so i will be going back to this lovely hobby next Tuesday...maybe).

Super Secret Photo Shoot Teaser

spreading out the loot. (Wills-i have some plastic bags for the Super Top Secret Photo Shoot)

I've been wanting to find some glass shades for the Penthouse's sconces for quite a while(i need 12 of them)-just to help me maybe like them a bit better. all of the home improvement stores have been a disappointment, but today i spied one lonely one at St. Vincent's, and then later i found FOUR at Concordia Thrift Store. at twenty-five cents each, they couldn't be beat. and with four i could at least do the dining room. anchored with museum wax and they will be perfect!

that is, until i break one while drying it. let's hope that one is still at St. Vincent's...i why do i have to have everything so clean!

also found some more brass taper holders. did you know i collect brass taper holders? i didn't, either, but apparently i do. my collections may soon be available to rent at All Occasion.

and you know how i like pairs of things! the milk glass urn in the center matches one i already have, and the one on the left (which is very heavy) has a bit of a bluish tint. and the one on the right...

well, it looks like the inspiration for the delicate soda glass urn mass produced for the defunct Martha Stewart Everyday line. (the new vase is on the right). all in all, i would say i had a bargain shopping day, spending less than $14! (and i didn't buy a single plate!)


  1. If you had cut yourself whilst cleaning (and breaking) that glass shade, I would have taken you to Redi-Med for stitches. Assuming they were still open when you called. ;0)

  2. thanks! and i would insist on your driving my car. did your garbage get murdered? lol

  3. Ha! I think of that line every time I have an "accident". And with the level of grace with which I exude in the day to day, the accidents are abundant.