Monday, January 3, 2011

When Life Gives You Olives.....

you make tapenade....and then pasta! the Holidays always mean leftover olives, so i grabbed them at every turn (work carry-in, mom and dad's, etc.) and tonight decided to make some tapenade to toss with some pasta. the only thing missing in the tapenade was anchovies.

leftovers, leftovers, leftovers....

a few forkfulls of capers (also added a bit of the brine)...

and some olive oil, and puree! or chop. either way works fine. (J-Bro made some killer tapenade in North Carolina by just really going at it with a knife-but then she DOES have mad knife skills).

make sure to taste, but don't taste too much (or you may run out).

also added half an onion, a chopped roasted red pepper, and some garlic.

my little sister Holly gave me these awesome Melamine mis en place bowls for Christmas-they have lids for airtight storage. love em!

after the onion and garlic are cooked, everything else just needs to be heated through. put in about half the tapenade-maybe a cup?

added pasta, a bit of the water, and some baked chicken.

and some feta. that big black thing in the front is an olive the mini prep missed. oops.the chicken had been seasoned with salt and pepper, and the tapenade is pretty salty, so i didn't add any to the pasta water or when heating the other ingredients. ended up pretty tasty. now to stop making pasta for a year, new recipes.

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