Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Attic Discoveries

on Sunday at my folks' house, we started making room to put some things up i the attic (mainly Christmas trees, two of which now belong to me-I'm hoping to house all of my holiday decorations at my parents house once this massive "re" project is completed. i wish i had a prop house). anyhoo, while i was finding important things, like boxes of paperwork from Gallaway Imported Cars from 1975-1981 (i like to say we made our family fortune in the "Import" business-sort of like those old Knickerbocker families with the Dutch surnames) which were properly disposed of (i mean really, don't begrudge me my tree storage if we are holding onto documents from before my birth) i also discovered some WONDERFUL things. mostly holiday related, but not all. now i can't wait to get back up there and see what else i can find, both for the "re" project (i found an old pair of lamps that belonged to Great Grandma Snyder that will move to the new dining room) and for myself.

a box full of old, vintagy ornaments.

there are several pink and hot pink ones that will be perfect for next Christmas' secret decorations (remember the glittered reindeer post?).

again, perfect.

this will be good on the regular tree.

we used this guy when i was a kid. love it! i miss Belmonts.

perhaps the most hilarious-a Lutheran Hospital ashtray!

a cigar box of spice rack bottles-no need to save small bottles anymore! they can all go to the Big Bertha recycle bin from now on.

this plant stand wasn't actually in the attic, but the garage. it may get painted, it may be used for Easter, it may hold a plant...I'm not really sure.

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