Monday, February 21, 2011

Garden Disasters and New Starts

on Sunday the snow as gone (but threatening to return), so we took a little tour of the garden to see what was going on after the looooooong snowy winter. daffodils are popping up everywhere, as are a few tulips. however, hungry rabbits have devastated the kiwi vines, a few of the blueberries, and the new red raspberries (which i couldn't believe-I've never had a problem with anything eating the thorny raspberry canes). because the snow was so deep, even the things that were protected, like the blueberries, were at the mercy of the varmints hopping right up atop the snow and nibbling away. now there is nothing else to do but wait and see what happens. my fingers are crossed.

the newly planted snowball bush eaten right down to where it was level with the snow.

one of the new red raspberry plants (with poo of some kind all around, i can only imagine it belongs to a rabbit).

a sure sign of spring-daffodils bushing up beneath the leaves.

the 'Bronze Perfection' Dutch Iris are pushing up in the Hydrangea Border.

and the Autumn Ferns are surprisingly green after spending the winter (and now, again, today) beneath the snow.

these daffodils in the old shade bed always seem to come up and bud too early, but they always seem to know what they are doing, so i won't worry. this won't be the first time they were well on their way before a snow fall.

new growth on the hellebore (the purple things pushing up-I'll try not to document this as intently as i did last year).

after finding what looked like hawk feathers scattered around the yard, we discovered the leftovers of some one's meal beneath the compost tumbler. yikes! what on earth could catch a hawk?

more feathers blown up against the fence...perhaps this is why the rabbits had a go at all the plants.


all that's left of one of the kiwi vines.

the littlest lilac seedling wasn't touched.

the other kiwi. both of these vines were about 2 1/2 feet above the ground. I'm hoping for the best.

remember that experiment i started when i moved all of the old Darwin tulips? well, they are all pushing up rather fast (though they may have retreated after today). we'll have to wait and see how many actually bloom.

came home today during the worst of this sudden snowstorm to find the rosemary staring sadly out the window, longing to get back outside. (at least that's what it looked like it was doing)

the other day at Meijer i spotted these bare root 'Pixwell' gooseberries. they were on my wish list for the garden, so i grabbed one. Pixwell are supposed to be one of the hardier varieties, and does well in some afternoon shade (especially where there are hot summers).

they were packaged in mulch.

these starts were down in the package, beneath the mulch.

another case of "let's see what happens". i may grab some more if this head start seems to go well.


  1. Renee feeds her bunnies, um bunnie food all winter so they will leave her plants alone. Dad says it just brings more bunnies to their house but I think they do leave her plants alone!

    Owls. An owl will eat a hawk. But they look so majestic doing it...we won't hold it against them. Could I purchase some of the feathers? The boys would love them for their gear.

  2. i'm not sure if i want to reward those bunnies just now. once the snow melts again, i will def look for the feathers (we didn't pick anything up)-they are all yours. the Junior Sirs may also get some rabbit pelts.

  3. Rabbits bit all of my rose bushes clear to the bottom -- guess they thought pruning was in order.