Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In-House Greenhouse Update

it has been a little over a month since the last update on all the plants "wintering" in the Penthouse...and it looks as though it's not just Punxsutawney Phil who is banking on an early Spring. i sure have come a long way from someone who really didn't like houseplants....

the new growth on the Meyer lemon just keeps growing and growing. with these two new shoots, the little tree has doubled in size.

the lime tree is growing long, rather than up.

and the glossy leaves are getting huge!

little suckers sprouting below the graft line need to be removed.

now, I'm not about to add orchids to the mix (the mix is full as it is), but this little guy was $4, so i thought "why not?" and brought him home. I'm quite certain he will need to be re potted in an orchid pot...but i need to read up on that. we'll see what happens. maybe I'll be surprised.

a month ago the two large leaves in this picture of the fig tree were just sprouting, and now there are even more starting to form. i really hope to have some figs by the end of the summer (and i cannot wait until the temperatures rise a little so i can order a few more figs since this guy has been quite easy to grow).

the poor little begonias i "saved" from the rose bed have now been neglected and grown leggy.

decided to pot them all together and cut them back. time will tell if this helps them out at all.

during the bulb closeout last October, i grabbed a bag of four elephant ears for really cheap, and thought i would see if they would still be good in the spring. well, they all have grown new bulbs (i think they are technically rhizomes).

so i stuck one in a pot to see what happens. i want to bring home some of the bigger plastic nursery pots from Mom and Dad's in maybe a month, since they say you should start them indoors. i want to see how this one does first. i hope they do well, since i plan to put them in pots to flank both entrances to the garden.

and i must be doing something right, since the kangaroo paw fern is getting quite a few new fronds. a newly unfurled little guy (center) with another in the distance.

two that are a bit farther along.

it's hard to believe that this is how they start-just a little fiddle head.

several weeks ago i brought home this abandoned rubber plant (wrapped safely from the cold).

and he is doing quite well in the front windows.


  1. Matty, the orchid probably should be repotted, but don't make the mistake of picking a pot much bigger than the one that it is already in. They won't rebloom until the roots have filled the new pot. They love south facing windows, too. I have had some pretty decent luck with them reblooming, but have lost my whole group of them due to some bug that came home from a plant from Lowe's. Make sure there is no white downing looking substances on them because that is how my problem started. Good luck. Everything looks pretty good.

  2. thanks, jeri! i am swearing that i will NOT start collecting orchids, but you make it sound so i've also dealt with some pests in the past, and Neem Oil seems to be an easy solution (though it is a bit stinky). you should go back to Lowes and get some of the discounted ones to start your collection over!

  3. Orchids are the one thing that I seem to be able to grow well, because apparently they love neglect. LOL. I just water them when I think about it and they thrive in my sun room. I plan on going back and starting over was just depressed about losing all of them. I hadn't heard about Neem Oil. I'll have to try that next time. Thanks Matty!