Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just in (Tea)Time....For Me to Get Sick

so this dreadful flu arrived last Wednesday into Thursday...and knocked me out. it had the additional punch of just making me achy and weak, i have never felt so wiped out in my life. 
Thankfully, the day before, a late coming eBay purchase arrived, and since tea and water were the only thing i could really consume, it arrived just in time. who knew the product of the world's largest tea outfit would find its way to my house to make me feel better. alright, alright-the Assam region produces hundreds of thousands of tons of tea a year, so if you have a Tetley tea bag, you, too, are enjoying some.

I'm always excited when i order myself presents.

for $8.99 i really just wanted the wooden box-the tea was a bonus i sort of expected to be expired (this used to be sold through the defunct Martha's Flowers).

of course everything was packaged perfectly.

and it hasn't expired!

Green Tea

Earl Grey (smells so much stronger than any tea bag-even before it was out of the package). bad picture.

a very handy infuser.

i decided to make a cup of Golden Assam. Assam tea is the most common black tea in the world, and the tea plants in the Assam region in India have two flushes a year-the first producing the finest all black tea, and the second being "tippy"-having the golden tips that makes the tea a little bit sweeter.

just poured

perfect. did you know that there are really very few differences in health benefits between green and black teas? green teas have a bit higher amounts of antioxidants than black, because they are less processed, but the difference there is not at all off the charts. black teas have the same benefits in helping prevent heart attack and stroke, soothe arthritis, lower cholesterol, and may help burn fat (just like they say green tea does, whoever "they" are).

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