Thursday, February 10, 2011

Post Blizzard in the Garden

last Sunday was the first day i had been over to my parent's house since the Blizzard and the extra 5" that fell on Saturday. i didn't expect the snow to be as deep as it was. the good news-all of the snow has done a wonderful job of insulating all of the plants before this deep freeze set in.

heaps of snow around the white star magnolia. beneath this is where we planted tons of tulips two Octobers ago. not sure who will come back this year.

the front rose bed under a blanket of snow.

i couldn't believe how deep the drifts were on the north and south sides of the house.

the Hydrangea Border sleeping under a drift.

there was no opening the vegetable garden gate.

can't even see the raised beds, or the tall pots the tomatoes grew in.

the sage and mint looks chilly.

I'm afraid the rabbits would have no trouble chowing down on the little lilac i tried so hard to protect. so far it looks unharmed.

the snow has tumbled the burlap surrounding the kiwi vines.

a rogue branch came down in the high winds.

looking towards the Berry Patch/ Cutting Garden. hopefully in a little over two months this will look much different (and hopefully the zebra grass will finally be moved).

looks like a raccoon was trying to get in the patio door.

i really hope the table doesn't give way under all that snow.

poor little boxwood.

hope they are all snug under their burlap and snow blankets.

went to make sure the birds had plenty to eat.

and the squirrels.

the snow was deep all over the backyard. it even got into my tall Wellies!

pesky rabbits.

this is why you burlap boxwood. the heavy snow was starting to bend, and even broke a few, branches.

i took a broom and carefully shook the heavy snow off.

much better. can't wait to see what happens next week when we get into the forties!


  1. I just discovered your blog via "the common milkweed" and I'm glad I did! I'll be back to catch up on your earlier posts.

  2. awesome! i love reading "the common milkweed", and looks like i'll have to start snooping around "bankside", as well!