Thursday, February 3, 2011

Recovering From the Blizzard Bender

 sorry for my M.I.A. status lately-i don't believe I've ever gone this long without posting at least some sort of nonsense. my plan was to get a lot of things done over the course of the blizzard, and have a lot to share with you...but it WAS a blizzard, and it WAS a Tuesday, and All Occasion WAS closed on Wednesday. add that all up and it equals a Blizzard of 2011 Bender (it was supposed to be a "party", but really, it felt like a bender).

on the way to Henry's around four-Chief and i began to encounter some high winds (the kind that steal your breath).

"rush hour"

not much of a turnout for the Party

lots of bourbon to keep me warm

then came what looked to be a lull, but was actually a switch from snow to sleet.

then snow again

time to head out

are we crazy? maybe...

but then we were warm again. i love the chandeliers hanging at the Brass Rail.

the Blizzard of 2011 was pretty much over when it was time to leave.

i'm not sure, but i don't think i made too much of a fool of myself.
recovery began with pancakes, then sleep, then a trip to Horsewood and J.J.H.'s, then food, dozing off, and a pill for my sick headache at Guy's, then a brisk walk back home to clean off my car and dig it out in preparation for the trip to work this morning. the neighborhood streets still ain't pretty, but i did find a parking space down the street. all in all, i think i have recovered.

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  1. Ha,Ha, that is a day to remember for sure --- well it sounds you had a great time !!!