Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snap, Crackle, Valentines

a few weeks ago i discovered a mini heart baking pan, and thought maybe i would make something for Valentines day. after running around a bit too much this weekend, my plan for heart shaped brownies with "Eat Me" piped in pink frosting didn't pan out, so i had to go to plan B.

i have never made rice crispy treats, and had no idea they made pink marshmallows. perfect!

gave the pan a little cooking spray.

i halved the normal recipe (since i didn't know how fast i could press the mixture into the mold)-20 marshmallows, 1 1/2 Tbs butter, and three cups of Rice Krispies.



adding the cereal

who knew they were so simple?

pressed in each mold with a rubber spatula.

then i made a regular batch (40 marshmallows, 3 Tbs butter, and 6 cups of cereal).

after they were all pressed and cooled, i decided some chocolate would be a nice addition.

rather pretty....

to pretty crappy. I'm not very good at just sort of winging a "drizzle" of chocolate. i should have but it into a piping bag as i originally planned (but then i may have missed a performance on the Grammy Awards).

the little bags sort of hide the ugliness of the chocolate.


  1. I don't think they are ugly Matty. I think they look pretty yummy! I can't believe you have never made rice crispy treats before. I love them. They are so easy. Grandma Emley had a rabbit mold that she made a rice crispy bunny for a center piece for Easter every year. Kelly got hers, but I found one at a antique store. I love it!

  2. i'm sure i've been around while they are being made...just never did it by myself. i helped Erin and Kelly make cornflake wreaths once on Cookie Day, but that's about as close as i got.
    i may need to see about finding a rabbit mold...could you use it to make a giant chocolate rabbit?

  3. I think you probably could. It is supposed to be used for cake. It would probably be a solid rabbit though. I don't know how you could do it otherwise. It is a pretty big mold. I have pics. They are really nice and you can have the mold out as decor around the holidays.