Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Official-Spring is Here! (as of 7:21 p.m. Sunday)

despite a gloomy start, and a trip to Macy's (when rain began to fall), i was able to get my hands dirty AT LAST!!!!! i even planted some mesclun and spinach! of course we had planned to get all of the sweet peas and regular peas planted today, but since the forecast was for rain, i decided not to soak them last night, and therefore they could not go in today. another cold snap is coming this week, however, so I'm not too worried. they should still have a nice long start in cool temperatures.

that said, enjoy the first real Sunday Garden Tour of the year!

every year the iris reticulata surprises me with it's beauty...i only wish i would remember in the fall and order more bulbs!

they are spreading in the strangest places-these are popping up in a sedum!

a much better shot of the crocuses out front...I'm not sure how that yellow one got in there.

or that one little pale one.

the Siberian squill are blooming...

and starting to spread in the big front bed.

a lone yellow crocus.

some new tulips pushing up.

and the Muscari latifolium continue to pop up! i can't wait until they become a river of purple and blue along the Hydrangea Border...this year they will be little more than a crick.

the first of hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of daffodils were waiting for me when i came around back.

so exciting!

the second year for these hyacinths out in the vegetable garden.

that little afterthought of a lilac we picked up last year is doing amazingly well, with leaf buds all over.

I'm glad all of these poppies survived my massive clean-up of the Cutting Garden last fall.

the allium and Dutch iris in the Cutting Garden continue to grow...

and the first of the hyacinths out there are finally breaking through.

the creeping sedum needs weeded, but looks great. i can't believe something so tropical looking can survive our winters.

i think these are the muscari excited for these, too!

more of them coming up. so far so good with all of the bulbs we planted!

clean-up in the vegetable garden has begun in earnest. about two and a half beds are done, and most of the tomato pots have been emptied, ready for new dirt this summer. the soil was mixed into other areas of the garden borders.

the first project of the year? corralling all of the parsley back to one location.

one of the piles of "volunteers" that had spread all over the southwest vegetable bed.

the worms were really on the move today, too.

planted all in a row. the plants in the path i don't mind, as they are right at the edge of the raised beds. it was so good to be digging around in the garden, adding compost, and turning all of the leaves into the soil with the big old garden fork. everything was surprisingly dry and easy to work-another plus to raised beds.
and before i left i only took three... put on my desk and remind me of what is to come.

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