Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again!

 time to start preparing for spring planting....and time to control myself (or try) when it comes to seed and plant purchasing. here is some of the green stuff that has been going on in the Penthouse.

while it is still cold outside-maybe even snow this weekend!-it helps to have something nice inside. I've never grown mini roses, but always see them at Meijer. last weekend i thought "Why not?" two plants (i also bought a white one) was less than a dozen cut roses, and even if i end up killing them, they will most certainly last longer than cut flowers. they spend every other day in the greenhouse under the grow lights.

we've begun buying sweet peas....

as well as snap and shelling peas. oh, and i grabbed some mesclun. all of the peas need to be planted on (or as close as possible) Saint Patrick's Day, so let the stockpile begin. i also need to begin testing last years seeds for germination.

we also grabbed another gooseberry bush. this poor guy had a start down in the bag-he hardly had a chance!

the gooseberry i potted up last week is leafing out quite nicely-he seems pretty happy living in the front window. i have a few ideas about where they may fit in the garden, and they may be used as a sort of landscape plant, with a bonus.

we couldn't resist a bare root, plain, old fashioned, Common Lilac.

with luck, years from now this guy will be a nice sized shrub.

with the longer days, the houseplants begin to "wake up" and the fertilizing regime can begin again. I'll wait another month before i begin to fertilize the citrus, but everyone else, including the rosemary, is going to start getting a meal.

during my thrift store shopping last week i found two more of these planters. i like them for some reason, and just may go back and grab one...they are perfect for my ferns (though i still may paint them).

inspired my a segment on Wardian Cases, i put these little clearance guys under the big glass cloches, creating a sort of terrarium. i need to put some gravel or something in the bottom, but so far they seem quite happy, and i love the way they look. (yes, the bookcases are no longer stacked-i was having nightmares of them collapsing in an earthquake)

i watered them the day before i put them under the cloches, so there was enough moisture to keep them going-it evaporates, condenses on the glass, and "rains" back down. if it ever seems too wet, you just need to leave the cloche off for a day, and if you don't see any condensation, you need to water them. a little foggy is the right amount.


  1. We put the cold frame out yesterday. I'm looking for perilla and edamame if you see any.