Tuesday, March 1, 2011

More Great Finds-Some Free, the Rest Cheap!

last Sunday we did a bit more reorganizing at my parents, and pulled things down from a top shelf in the kitchen that probably hadn't seen the light of day in years. we found some more candy molds (more on those in a future post), as well as cookie cutters, tins, trays, etc. some of it came home with me.

a crepe pan! i was pretty excited to find this.

if it was made by Ron Popeil, it's even better!

now to try it out...the directions seem easy enough.

we found a bunch of old Wilton cake molds, as well. like a Santa cake, or a VW Bus cake.

this tray is awesome, and may find a place in my bedroom.

lots of silver, as well. (the two bowls in back had already been polished).

a Towle shell...

and a scalloped Towle bowl.

this server took some elbow grease.

but turned out pretty good. these will all go back to Mom and Dad's once the reorganizing is finished (I'm not just robbing them).

you need a little tarnish to keep the pattern visible...right?

Tuesday afternoon i went out north, and went to the Goodwill out near 469 for the first time. eh, it was alright. i did find these Fire-King Peach Lustre plates for $1 each. i don't collect Peach Lustre (i collect Fire- King Jadeite-the first dinnerware i ever collected), but at the price, and they are in pretty good condition, i couldn't resist.

some small Fire-King bowls (50 cents)

and the bowl that once went with a General Electric mixer. now i need to give the thrift stores a few months off, since I'm not having the wild success i was having...after i hit some out south, that is.

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