Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Day at Home (and Dealing With the Servants)

after a wonderful morning of light shopping and coffee, i arrived back at the Penthouse to see something glinting in the rubber plant.

just as i thought....Jennings and Mrs. Croft had been at it again. i had told them the last time i found an empty bottle where it shouldn't be (by my bed or in the recyclable bin) that i would stand for this no more. they came from one of the best families in Wiltshire, and i have given them a loose leash, and this is the thanks i get?

before i could discharge them, i decided to count the silver....

and go over the china. everything in the Penthouse seemed to be in order, but i wanted to make sure their shenanigans had not traveled to the service floor, as well.

I'm often asked where i store all of my collections....thankfully the Penthouse has a service floor for this very purpose. i keep a binder full of photos of all the china patterns in my office, so i don't actually have to come down here. they sure knew how to build apartments in the 1920's! all of my china seems safely wrapped in fives, and the stemware all in their racks....

the rest of the silver looked good, as well. on to the linen closet....

i like to keep my tablecloths arranged by size and then color, and i suggest you do the same. it really makes planning your dinner parties that much easier!

napkins are kept wrapped in tens (because really, who ever has less than ten people to dinner?).

now this was a headache to install AND an expense, but the hours you (or your housekeeper) save by using a gas heated professional mangle to press your linens is worth the money.

while i was downstairs i decided to press a napkin....just for fun. it rolls in....

and out. perfect! if you have the room (it is about 5'x10') i STRONGLY urge you to make the investment. if not i guess you can just use an iron.

i stopped by the wrapping room to choose some ribbon for Jennings and Mrs. Croft's going away gifts.

dealing with all of that, as well as facing the fact that i would have to be on my own when it comes to housekeeping, was exhausting....and now there was so much to do! i mean, who dismisses their staff before Spring Cleaning? the sight of my little navel orange tree producing at long last really perked me up.

as did the orange juice i squeezed out of this guy.

now to start with the cleaning. i had left instructions to start on the books...well, now it was more of a To Do List for myself. i am very particular about how i keep my books....

first you brush clean the outside of the book.

then you use a soft mink brush to clean between each and every page...this insures a lifetime of pleasure from your collection. glad i had that orange juice, as i was up well into the night.

and then it was time for bed. since i had fired Mrs. Croft before she had pressed my sheets after my nap    (a la Jackie O), i had to do it myself. with an iron. my how life changes in an instant.
and with that let me be the first to wish you a HAPPY APRIL FOOL'S DAY!!!!!

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  1. Excellent! I was slightly befuddled, then jealous...thanks for the big smile!