Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My New Friend....Bar Keepers Friend

somehow over the course of, uh, a decade? of owning my copper pots AND using Bar Keepers Friend for household cleaning...i never read the label where it said it cleaned copper. WHAT? another reason to read labels, i guess. i did a little looking up, and discovered that it was invented right here in Indiana-Indianapolis, to be exact-in 1882 by a chemist who wondered why his tarnished pot was so clean after cooking rhubarb. that's right! RHUBARB! an active ingredient that is found in rhubarb is the basis for the cleaner. now that i have been reading some of the other uses, Spring Cleaning should be a breeze!

as I've said in the past, i like to keep my copper nice and clean, and therefore polished the ones most used about once a week with lemon and kosher salt. now i can do it every time i wash them! this is from one use-already a bit less than gleaming.

Tah Dah! my life has changed.

a little sprinkle of powder...

instantly polished!

you can see the flame marks on this pot....until you use Bar Keepers Friend!
now all of the pots and pans can look wonderful all of the time! Thanks, Bar Keepers Friend!                      
the above post was not sponsored by Bar Keepers Friend. Unfortunately.

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