Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring is Springing!

due to the fact that it looked deceptively warm outside, i didn't take a coat with me to my parents, which resulted in a VERY fast tour of the garden. seeing all of the green (and yes, some actual color!) makes me feel like this winter may really be over. today has really put me in the mood for spring planting, and some indoor seed starting will commence this week. i can't wait to see if my grow lights help them along, since I've only ever set them in south facing windows in the past.

pretty purple crocus-always the first to bloom in our garden (until next spring-i intend to plant a LOT of snowdrops this fall).
i wish the sun would have stuck around for a few more minutes so i could have caught them still open.
looking close under the magnolia i spy some tulips. this is an area i really want to plan out a bit more next fall (am i really already planning for fall bulb planting?).
one of the many tulips under the magnolia.
more color! the vibrant blue Siberian squill (Scilla siberica)
after worrying and worrying over not seeing any sign of the 250+ Muscari latifolium we planted to edge the Hydrangea i held my breath and looked again...
and here they come. i was worried because most muscari shoot up green leaves in the fall as well as spring. most of the Muscari armeniacum we planted last fall already had leaves shooting up a week later, so i worried all winter that these little guys had been a waste. looks like i can set aside my fears...for now.
more color! a dark purple sedum pushing up its cabbage shaped sprouts.
some crocus on the shady side of the house-they will bloom later.
one of the more mature plantings of daffodils.
maybe a bloom by the end of the week? maybe?
an old planting of pink tulips in the corner of the Cutting Garden that spreads and spreads despite tulips usually being short lived perennials. (oh, and there is also lots of varmint poo)
and so far so good with the experimental moving of all the old Darwin hybrid tulips...can't wait to see what happens!

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