Monday, March 28, 2011

Thomas the Tank Engine Cake (and Junior's Second Birthday)

in an attempt to outdo ourselves yet again (meaning come up with a cake that was even better than the Monkey Head Cake), my sister and i got to work on the Thomas the Tank Engine themed cake. first it was going to be sort of a mountain, with the tracks going up the side. then a tunnel that Thomas would be "choo chooing" through. we settled on making a bridge over a rushing river...and it was perfect (if i do say so for ourselves).

putting on the grass...
then the rushing river.
for the bridge Carrie baked a cake in the same dome shaped pan that created the monkey head last year. i trimmed it down a bit and made the "stone" sides.
a few test flowers at the corner of the bridge and grass.
this is where we started to get really excited.
a feeble attempt at a railing on the edge of the bridge (suggested my Big Chad).
some rocks in the river
Sodor is done, all we need is Thomas! the railings became a stone wall. looks much better.
Hobbes was such a good boy throughout, never once trying to lick the cake that was easily within reach.
Junior getting ready for birthday round one with all of his cousins.
they had cupcakes!

and then today we brought out the cake, and Thomas.

i can hardly believe we really had no idea how we were going to pull this off when we started. nor can i believe that kids have been enthralled with Thomas the Tank Engine since 1946? he has been loved in his present (t.v.) form since 1984? i feel old.
the cake was a hit!

Thomas was set down long enough for cake and ice cream.

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