Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Three Onion Pot Roast (and Onion Storage)

late last night, having an horribly timed burst of energy, i was up at 2 a.m. and actually thought ahead-and put a pot roast in the oven. i figured it would be in there 10 hours (on low) and i could have some for lunch...and boy am i glad i did. i know I've made pot roast before, but this was really good, so I'm posting it again (sorry to all my vegetarian readers-i promise to get some meatless recipes in again soon!)

i had yellow, white, and red onions...so i halved and then "chunked" one of each of them up.
gave some organic carrots a good scrubbing-leaving the thin skin on.
put the roast in-salt and peppered it, and added a little oregano and thyme, and spread about three cloves of diced garlic on it. then in went some red and yellow new potatoes.
and the carrots, also "chunked".
and all the onions.
gave a little shake of Worcestershire sauce, and lastly used a can of whole tomatoes, sort of pulled apart, and about 1/4 cup of the juice. covered, and cooked.
one of the great things about the rearranged under counter storage is that there is room for this old hotel steamer pan i found at Goodwill-with all of the holes it is perfect for storing onions, and in the basket, potatoes. it is also really handy to have everything in easy reach.
pushed back on the top shelf it is totally out of the way, and sort of in the dark (though i usually use everything fast enough that i don't really need to worry about spoilage).
today at lunch, everything was ready! this is especially nice on my day off since i usually find that by 3 o'clock or so I've drank a lot of coffee, but haven't eaten anything.
this may have been my best pot roast yet! (i forgot to say there was also a bay leaf and a splash of red wine vinegar in the "pot")

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