Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday in the Garden

i've been rather anxious about not yet having the sweet peas and peas planted yet, so i was happy to see today was to be around 45 degrees-perfect for doing work in the garden (despite the fact that it may snow tonight)! last night i prepped everything, and today i had a very productive afternoon...and took a few pics of how spring is starting to shape up.

rather than constantly fumbling through the seed packet bins on the patio table (where wind has once or twice before hurled some little guys to the ground) i decided to go about planting in a little more organized way.

all of the sweet peas were labeled and placed in containers of water for a presoak-much the same way as the moonflowers and morning glories were-to speed up germination.

i then decided what else i wanted to try and plant today, and wrote out labels ahead of time (easier than pulling gloves on and off in the garden to scribble out tags balanced on my knee).

then i taped everything to the seed packs. (the kale was not planted, as i may wait and use it for a fall/winter crop)

all ready to go. i've decided to make the old cigar box i found in the attic a sort of "chore box"-this will keep me more focused on what i had PLANNED on planting, rather than getting distracted by something else that i think maybe i should put in here, or another row of this there...i hope it works. i didn't even take any other seeds with me.

draining off the water from the sweet pea "white sails" seeds.

a seed's eye view.

then i planted a row of snap peas, and a row of shelling peas. this caused a momentary concern, as the garden extension will be coming off of this bed, and i didn't want to keep that fence where it is. however, it will do a good job acting as a trellis, so i went ahead and put them in. it can always come out later, or stay in place for pumpkins or melons to climb.

the little potager is all cleaned up...and ready to be added on to.

the chive bed is looking good. i'm hoping it looks a bit less floppy this year, since they sort of wilted after being moved last summer.

i almost picked some, but couldn't remember if i had potatoes at home. (i do!)

i'm really concerned about the lavender that had been living temporarily in the garden for the past few years. it seems rather dried up and brittle....

whereas the lavender in the cutting garden seems happier than ever. we'll have to wait and see what happens.

the tree peony was one thing i wish we would have burlapped...it seems to be fine, though, having just received a blanket of leaves.

now is the time for us to plan on tackling the South Border-we need to get those Ditch lilies (they are normally called tiger lilies, but they aren't REAL tiger lilies. they are pretty, though) out before the ground gets too hard and they get too big. anybody need any Ditch lilies? anyone?? they are pretty, just a bit invasive. this entire bed was made from dividing one 2'x2' plot at the end of the patio years and years ago. now they need to be moved. they are great in, well, ditches, or any neglected/troublesome area.

the Long Border really needs a good clean up.

i cannot WAIT for the new muscari Azureum to bloom! (as i've said before)

i'm glad i marked at least some of the tulips...i sort of remember what was planted in the other beds, and i sort of don't. thankfully i can reference the blog to remember.

and my babies, the boxwoods. i looked in several weeks ago and was quite nervous. they seemed very brown. today i noticed this guy was peaking out a bit, so i couldn't resist...

happy boxwood!

looking in a second one and i feel extremely confident that taking a cue from Martha was the best thing for these guys! the burlap may come off this weekend....maybe.

and i am still excited about how nicely the Siberian squill has been naturalizing.
i can't wait until there are even more...


  1. I love that you garden. It was relaxing to me to read about your peas and presoaking certain things just like you do for moonflowers. I think my bloodpressure just went down. Love it! xoxo

  2. that makes me so happy! but be careful! there are LOTS of gardening posts in the summer, and i don't want your blood pressure to drop TOO low!