Monday, March 14, 2011

A Winter's Worth of Wear and Tear

every Winter, all Winter long, I'll look down at my feet and say "i need to polish my shoes!" then it snows again, and I'm out in the slush, and i haven't polished my shoes, and i think "what's the use?" i imagine if i saw a cash value for my shoes (i don't buy them like i used to, but there has to be about 35 pairs, at a low estimated average of $55 or $60 each...I'm no Carrie Bradshaw, but that's some cash!) i would be more pro-active in taking care of them. all said and done, it took twenty minutes tops to gather, polish, and put them away. yet another chore i always put off that takes no time at all to complete.

these are the most worn pairs.
good thing i have everything i need in one place.
alright-these shoes i found on the top shelf of my dad's closet, and they haven't suffered snow, but did need dusted off and cleaned up a bit.
can't wait to wear them! (and, in case you are thinking "he takes things from his parent's all the time", let me just say that for some reason he had two pairs, and these have never been worn).
applying the polish...
and buffing them clean with a soft flour sack towel.
much better. the brown driving moccasins just received a good application of saddle soap (I'm out of brown polish). they and the driving moccasins on the lower right may make it one more year at work (please ignore how torn up the insides are-they get inserts).


  1. You are so funny...and i really enjoy your blog!!!
    Keep up the great work on all your organizing,all looks great. Renate

  2. Thanks! i'll keep trying to make you laugh!