Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Cleaning Out the Freezer" Pie

since (inexpensive) berries are beginning to flood back into the markets, i decided to use up what was left of last summer's frozen strawberries and blueberries, and the leftover rhubarb from the crumble last month. turned out very tasty, but not very pretty.

the recipe i found wasn't very great, so i won't re post it. it called for something like 11/4 cups of sugar (i think 3/4 cup would be plenty) 5 Tablespoons flour, and 1/4 teaspoon salt.

yes, i used a frozen pie crust. i still haven't figured out how to use the prehistoric food processor i found at my parents house. the strawberries look pretty good for having been frozen for a 8 months!

the recipe also said to put in the fruit, sprinkle the dry mixture on top, and repeat. i didn't do that, either, and thank goodness. there was so much sugar left in the bowl that if it all would have gone in you would have needed to sprinkle salt into the whipped cream to cancel out the sweetness.

i also tossed some blueberries on top. the recipe said 2 Tablespoons butter. i adhered to the recipe in this case.

this is why you always put a baking sheet under your pie. if this had run into the oven, i probably would have moved, rather than try to clean it. that is one ugly pie, if i do say so myself!
time to try it.....whipped up some heavy cream (and added a scant bit of sugar).
it completely fell apart when i cut it, but it tasted really, really good.....although still a bit sweet.


  1. Looks pretty good...wonder what a crumb topping would of done for the pie ???
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  2. thanks for sharing your pics...i've just begun to look through them, and saw the ones with all of your lilies. i do like day lilies, and we have maybe 15 different ones. a day lily border is on my once that can be done, i may have to take you up on your offer!