Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Eggs Really DO Grow on Trees!

Junior came over to Grandma and Pawpaw's on Sunday, and since he has a good time being outside (mainly walking right through the flower beds), and with Easter right around the corner, we decided to grab the bag of eggs we found in the attic a few weeks ago (leftover from when Holly was little enough to enjoy hanging them on the magnolia out front) and distract him from running toward the street (he likes to do that, too).

sooooo.....what am i supposed to do with this? hang it in a tree?

i like blue better! Thanks, Grandma!

can i get a lift?

this branch looks pretty good...

perfect. very natural looking.

i think we need a few more.

i really don't like where this one is...and ignore that tulip I'm about to step on, it looks too weak to bloom.

now where will this one look best?

much better. now the tree looks much more balanced!

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