Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere....and More Than Enough to Pick!

i really thought i had posted more pictures of all the bulbs bursting this year....but i guess i only posted the one with the macro lens. well, everything is looking wonderful, and much more timely than last year-the early heat really made things bloom ahead of time (my friend Tara reminded me that last year on my birthday she brought me lilacs from the garden, and this year lilacs are still just now leafing out, as Mother Nature intended).
i have, of course, been bringing lots of flowers back to the Penthouse, so i thought i would show you some of the simple arrangements I've been enjoying the past few weeks, as well as a few shots of the garden....

classic yellow daffodils and the hellebore blooming in the shade garden (with lots of alliums pushing up their leaves, as well)

these are the tiny 'tete-a-tete' daffodils at either side of the patio path. they have really surprised us with how much they have bloomed their first year.

many more flowers in the "pink" daffodil border. they are still a bit more peachy-orange, but fade to pink. this is only their second year.

still need to do some clean up, but you can see some of the older plantings of narcissus and daffodils blooming, as well as many more later ones biding their time.

and the hyacinths i showed you yesterday. the great thing about a cutting garden is that you can cut without hesitation-a cutting garden is meant to produce like a vegetable garden, and not a part of the "scheme" of the garden. i still cut sparingly, hoping to prolong the fresh hyacinths in the house as long as possible.

the first bucket of the year, brought home two Sundays ago.

enough for a big vase of narcissus on the table (in the original hobnail vase i i have four to fill!).

and all the old fashioned yellow ones in the low green vase.

today i grabbed another bucket full (to supplement what i brought home last Sunday)

after corralling all of the amaryllis, i was able to move the hen and her eggs to the blond console. i love this mix of the orange centered narcissus with the yellow daffodils.

five double daffodils are more than enough to fill an old jadite salt shaker. the vintage-y Easter bunnies are some of my favorite Easter decorations.

so pretty.

daffodils and narcissus really are one of the easiest flowers to arrange. sort of grab them around the stems and create a dome...

check how deep your vase is....
and cut the stems shorter than the bottom of the vase, that way the flowers sort of support each other, the lowest ones resting on the lip of the vase.

the mix on my desk-i love it!

muscari really are my favorite spring bulb.

the best thing to have by your bed....fresh hyacinths.

and the very first tulips of the year next to some faux robin's eggs (malted milk eggs).


  1. oh Matt! I am beside myself! How splendid...the little green bunnies are perfect! I love the idea of a cutting garden with no guilt. Your arrangements are exquisite!

  2. Yes, beautiful...i do like how you arrange flowers,what i like most... you appreciate the beauty of flowers. Because it has been so rainy i have not been able to take many shots...will be posting soon on W.S.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  3. Thanks so much! i look forward to seeing more (although i still have some of your older galleries to look at). Hope you had a happy Easter!