Sunday, April 17, 2011

Greenhouse Update

i am more than ready to put the greenhouse away for the summer, but the other day i did a little cleaning and reorganizing. i need to make room for starting a few more seeds (basil, thyme, and pumpkins and melons) and i also need to repot the ones I've already started. everything is growing well, and, i think, as ready to be outside as i am to have them there.

i really wish i would have thought of using these old cookie sheets earlier-keeps everything so much more tidy.
i wonder if the citrus trees will still fit in here in the fall...
my little fig continues to grow new leaves.

the voodoo lily has begun to grow...slowly

all of the other little shoots have sort of dried up, though.
top shelf. almost all of the amaryllis waiting to move outside for the summer to grow before starting the forcing process over again in September.

the moonflowers and a few morning glories need to move into bigger containers-the peat pots dry out way too fast.
the citrus is all growing well, with a lot of new leaves. perhaps this time next year there will be some fruit!

all cleaned up and reorganized.
the gooseberries and rosemary are desperate to get outside. we found some red currants to keep the gooseberries company in the Berry Patch.

and a smaller little shoot has come up from the original elephant ear i planted.

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