Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Despite the threat of rain, the day was dry (though the ground was quite wet) and the garden looked perfectly "springy". having celebrated my birthday Saturday night, it was a bit of a slow start Easter morning. i pulled through, however, and had a great day. i hope yours was, too!

Happy Easter!

i "gilded" these eggs last week. they looked nothing like the picture on the kit, but i like the way they turned out.
they are already packed away in egg cartons, adding to the ever growing stockpile of blown out Easter eggs.

Friday night i started making some Easter candy. melting the chocolate...

the chocolate came from Country Kitchen, and is made for making candy.

the Bunny mold filled up (i didn't have the patience for making them hollow, so they were all solid).

in the freezer it goes.

hen on a nest

they had these handy squeeze bottles, which made filling the small molds super easy.

finished in seconds!

some of the candy joined the crepe paper carrots and papier mache eggs i made several weeks ago. Junior had a good time destroying them.


Mr. and Mrs. Puddle Duck also stopped by for the afternoon.

the eggs were filled with goldfish crackers. once that was discovered, Junior got much more excited.

the Cutting Garden putting on an Easter show. the tulips were just opening.

and these yellow hyacinths were a surprise.

the peach ones planted along the front are open, as well! love them!
what a mess!

Happy Easter from Junior!


  1. This is the quintessential Easter Day! Junior is adorable and Mr. and Mrs. Puddle...are you kidding me...mwah! Your flowers and decor are perfection. We tried the same gilded egg kit...yikes! Yours turned out alot better than Madam Lu's!

  2. if you had witnessed my hung-over demeanor, you would have seen that it was not QUITE quintessential. i thought that kit would be more dipping and less painting. next time i'm just going to buy some paint!