Friday, April 8, 2011

Maybe I Don't Need a Headboard

last week while looking at things on eBay i ran across these Martha Stewart for Wedgwood "Conservatory" lunch plates for $1.75 each. that's right...$1.75! of course i have the willpower of a dog in a meat locker, so i bought 8.

now i don't need plates, but i had an idea inspired by a question asked by Deb (one of the founding Bon Savant followers) months ago. she wanted to find some plates to hang above her headboard, and i thought (as i opened the boxes) why not make the plates the "headboard"? since the painting and rearranging of the bedroom, the pictures hung salon style above the bed are in new places (mostly on the floor in the hallway), and I've been bugged by the empty space above the bed.

i used the same approach as with the dining room picture hanging-make templates.

i drew out some sketches (and wished i had ordered 12 plates), then taped them up. the pyramid shape won...

with a little tweaking.

i marked each one and put the nail right through the template, then ripped the templates off. easy as pie!

the tweaked plates are off just enough to not look too perfect, and hide the fact that a real pyramid would have required two more. the colors really are perfect.

since i will one day get a bigger bed (i hope) there really is no need for a headboard now, so this is perfect. i love walking past the room and not seeing a big empty space above the bed.


  1. oh, so perfect!!! I can't wait to see it in real life! smirk, grin, smirk

  2. Thanks everyone!
    @Horsewood-something like that needs to happen in your dining room!

  3. They look great Matt. The plates are so pretty. And I love the idea of putting the nail through the paper templates. Ingenious! Now if I can remember that trick.... Deb