Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Planting Begins!

Last Sunday was an almost perfect day to get out in the garden and get to work on more clean-up, uncovering, and, as it turned out, planting. A quick trip to Lowes yielded some head lettuce and broccoli seedlings, as well as (best of all) two 'Red Lake' Currant bushes! the Berry Patch is really coming together. I really thought I would have to get some bare root plants through mail order, but now i don't. Oh, and the Cutting Garden half of the Berry Patch is growing very well, too!

a bit of an overview of the Cutting Garden/Berry Patch. the long leaves in the center of the photo are allium, and just below them is where the red raspberries are starting their comeback after being destroyed by something over the winter.
some of the hundred or so Darwin tulips.

the hyacinths look and SMELL amazing! i brought four more home. between these rows of bulbs we will plant cosmos, zinnias, and other annuals.

some new leaves on the red raspberries. if i ever find out which critter did this....I'm afraid we need to go back to fencing off this entire garden again.
they even chopped down the 'Autumn Gold' raspberries that really started to produce for the first time last summer. another set back. looks like it's also time to start weeding....

and here are the 'Red Lake' currants. I've left room for perhaps one more, or maybe I'll order a white or black currant. there is also room for the gooseberries.

hope they are happy in their new home. this entire garden will soon be getting a top dressing of compost, as well as a soil mix. the berry bushes will then also get mulched.
two little cell packs of Romaine lettuce and broccoli.

broccoli went in next to the Swiss chard that apparently has wintered over and is growing again. to the right of the chard, behind the white marker, the first sowing of dill has sprouted (you just can't see it).

the Romaine went in next to the other greens-all of which has so far germinated nicely.

the 'Bloomsbury Long Standing' spinach (slow to bolt in heat).
i can't wait to start bringing home my own mesclun mix again. $1.99 for seeds equals at least $10.00 worth of mesclun (more costly when buying organic).
the radishes are about at the point where they will need to be thinned.
and the first sweet pea is up!

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