Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding prep at the Penthouse (Cheddar Chive Scones)

although my plan was to wake up, make coffee, and lay on the couch, i thought to myself-"What if i get hungry?" I'm not a big breakfast eater (unless it is after a long evening out and we go out to breakfast), but i do like breakfast food (i would probably be a bigger breakfast person if i had staff making it for me, and it was delivered, with coffee, on a tray). so i ran across this recipe and went for it-something savory, rather than sweet. therefore i shall be toasting Prince William of Wales and (insert whatever title the Queen bestows upon her here) Catherine. not with toast, but with scones.

I'm glad i just happened to pick a bunch of chives on Tuesday-the first of the year!

not quite six Tablespoons, but close.

mixed with 4oz sharp cheddar and a Tablespoon of flour.

i have a new, secret source for farm fresh eggs-they rock!

this is where the recipe was a little strange. I've never made scone with the stand mixer, but always cut the butter in with a pastry cutter. this actually worked pretty well.

the dough was a little wet, but after kneading a few times it was better.


it cut really well, too!

 i was quite certain i had put them far too close together on the silpat, but they turned out just fine...

and smell amazing! look at that cheese oozing out!
i think one of the fatter ones may get a piece of ham and a fried egg-is that a Ploughman's Breakfast?

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