Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Fun with the Macro Setting

now i don't fancy myself a photographer by any means, but i took a few pictures in macro mode on Sunday and liked the way they looked. i was already quite filthy from planting the asparagus crowns, that i didn't mind laying down on the wet ground to get up close with all of these amazing bulbs that are putting fourth all their energy. have a look at a different version of my Garden updates.

the first to emerge of the growing cluster of white muscari
a hyacinth about to burst in the cutting garden
one 250 muscari latifolium (the ones i was so worried about) ready to show me what its got! the leaves are so different from all the other muscari.
the heat made this guy open by the end of the day.
these little "tete-a-tete" daffodils are only about 21/2 inches tall! i can't wait to show you a pic where you can see just how little they are!
the papery sepal getting pushed aside
almost open

the inside of a hellebore
some teeny hens and chicks, close up
a muscari azureum pushing up.
and open! i am so glad i added these new varieties of (perhaps) my favorite spring bulb. i found some pink ones in a catalog that just arrived the other day....I'm starting a new wish list.
this may be one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. right now these guys are only about the size of a fingernail. they will get a bit bigger as they get taller...but i just love them.

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