Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Take Me Out to the Brass Rail....

almost a week ago was the opening night of the TinCaps 2011 Season....and i meant to post this sooner, like last Friday. despite the chill, and then flat out cold rain, it was an excellent night!

a little chilly, but $1 beers and great seats made up for that!

we were sitting amongst the scouts, who act very sneaky and whisper to each other...and then pull these huge speed guns out like know one notices.

looking to the East...

and wrapping around to the North. it was a pretty good crowd.
J-Bro always sees things through (partially) rose tinted glasses.
and Guy just sees things through...well...i don't know what.
and then came the cold rain. at least it didn't snow this year!

and here i began to pray they would call the game. they didn't, but we called it quits in our seats and moved up to the warmth of The Orchard.
from there we retreated to the warmth (and almost $1 beers) of the Brass Rail, where we saw the Vagabonds and Pseudo Slang (i think that's right-I'm sure about the Vagabonds).
J-Bro with a background cameo by Sankofa.
Chief! and Sankofa again.
a little look in the Gentlemen's WC. reminds me a bit of the painting in my living room (with more swear words).

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