Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Thrifting

I was secretly happy that it was gloomy all day, since sunny days off find me easily distracted (with gardening...or walking to a bar...) and gloomy ones keep me busy with the things i SHOULD be getting done. After a rather productive morning at the Penthouse, i headed out, intending to go to the Salvation Army on Bluffton Road. It's no longer there. Hmmm. So i went over to the Goodwill on Brooklyn where i found a wonderful dresser (that i didn't buy as i have no where to put it-is it wrong to want a house just so i can continue to buy furniture?) and an odd silver centerpiece thing, which i did buy because it had a flower frog i can use for other vases/bowls. After that i headed southwest to the Goodwill on Jefferson, where i ran into the Civic Theatre's Costume Department, and they told me the Salvation Army moved to Southgate and it was humongous. I made a quick purchase and headed back out south, and they were right. Humongous. And awesome.

here is the strange silver lotus bowl centerpiece thingy. i can picture it full of peonies.

at the Goodwill on Jefferson i found a second one! you know how i like pairs of things, so i bought it even though it was missing the flower frog. two on a dining room table or buffet-perfect!
i also added two more brass candle sticks (for the green room i will one day have-it will look a bit like this-note the brass candlesticks on the loverly brass tray table).

at the big new Salvation Army i found two of these grandmotherish bowls for 45 cents. both were chipped, but i thought i could do something with them...then i broke one washing it. oy!
do you know what i like better than pairs? that's right, multiples! these three milk glass hobnail vases were $1.45 each, and match the one i already had.

these sort of beat up china plates caught my eye while scanning the hundreds of stacked plates. i have to say, the new Salvation Army is a bit overwhelming. there is just so much of everything, you don't know where to look. anyway, i bought these as a Mother's Day gift, but will give them to my mom on Easter, since i already told her about them. they will look perfect hanging on her new Haystack (MSL069) colored living room walls.

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