Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Uncovering the Boxwood

seems like it wasn't too long ago that i was covering these guys up, but on Sunday i allowed my wishful thinking (if you uncover them, Spring will surely arrive) to get the best of me. the forecast only had two chances of snow-and supposedly it snowed this morning, though i didn't see it-and then warmer temperatures. plus the burlap seemed full...like maybe the little guys were growing a bit?

safe at last from the drying winter winds, and branch breaking snow, it was time to let the sun shine on the little boxwoods.

the biggest guy was first, since he seemed to be breaking out of the burlap.

look! i left the tag on!

i need to gather those tags up, since this guy is different from the others, and may be English boxwood. the leaves are smaller and.....

he has little flowers.

the next biggest at the far end of the Border. one dead branch, but seems like he survived the winter.

this guy was the most sick of the four, and had a large section cut out before he was planted. hoping for the best, although there is still some dead material in there.

someday these guys will create a nice border between the patio and the garden, and may plant smaller ones in between them. in my head i picture a sort of undulating, free form boxwood border. not clipped to perfection, but still maintaining each shrubs individual form. in the meantime, there are muscari, tulips, and pinks filling the empty space. the bed definitely needs edged and mulched!

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