Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Garden Goings On

It has been a busy several days in the Garden...all interrupted by a burst of rain (or, yesterday, wind, hail, and lightning). However, we keep pushing on, and little by little everything is getting planted. At least everything that NEEDS to get planted. We already have quite a collection of plants on the patio awaiting homes in as yet un dug beds.

All the rain and heat is really making everything grow (and stay green). I do hope it slows down a bit once the peonies bloom....soggy peonies don't last very long.

I did a lot of weeding in the Cutting Garden/ Berry Patch on Tuesday. Dahlia tubers are in (the stakes placed before covering the tuber, so as not to pierce the plant later when they need staking). To the left of the fading tulip foliage is a furrow dug for some pretty old 'Teddy Bear' sunflowers. If they aren't popping up in the next 10 days, something else will go in their place.

Now I may try to plant a row of gladiolas in the bear space between the blackberries and raspberries (on the left of the pic). I weeded between all of the allium, Dutch iris, hyacinths, and tulips to free up space for the zinnias and cosmos.

The cosmos are already up!

A busy bumble bee enjoying the allium.

Some showy poppies.

Despite the whacking down by the critters, it looks like we should have a pretty nice crop of blackberries.

And these little blooms give me hope that the blueberries at least like their spot in the garden....maybe in a few years we will have an actual harvest.

Out in the Vegetable Garden the first year asparagus is finally sending up it's skinny spears.

Junior helped me plant three rows of sweet corn.
All but one of the tomatoes are growing very fast. The one that isn't is going to be watched closely...if the decline continues we will take it out.

This could be a great Miracle Gro ad!

Planted a few rows of okra. Thanks, Martha!

Then Mrs Puddle Duck showed up without her Mr. We sat on the patio quietly for a minute to take a break and let her eat some of the squirrel corn. She's pretty timid, and as soon as you move she starts waddling away.


This row of snap peas germinated rather irradically, so in between i planted wax beans, which will really begin filling out as the peas are waning.

Beans are another good, big seed to have kids help you plant.

I have several sets of these oriental lilies, so i planted five of them in the Mint Border hoping that their fragrance will help draw more pollinators to the Vegetable Garden.

They really needed to get in the ground!
I really love all the new room we have-despite the stupid "helicopters" everywhere. I'll have even more room once i find a new place for the lavender.

It's all really coming together better than i had hoped. The chives look great, and i read recently that they help keep away rabbits! Maybe i should leave the ones i have in the Cutting Garden.....

The first bloom on the newest clematis.

All of the hydrangeas....small they may be....have blooms!

I'm afraid the next three days of rain will do in the tree peony, but it looked gorgeous today (although the blooms seem to follow the sun...and look away from the garden).


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