Thursday, May 5, 2011

Houseplant Update-They are Starting to Move Out!! (And Some are Moving In)

At long last, the seemingly endlessly increasing pots of plants (both ones started this year, as well as some that had been over wintered at the Penthouse) have begun to move out-either to new, permanent homes, or just back outside for the summer. Either way, i appreciate the extra floor space.

the new rosemary plants (the big old guy will move out this weekend), the two new gooseberry bushes, and the two bare root lilacs have all the patio for now.

and the big Martha Washington geranium and two of her little cousins are outside, as well.

at Menards on Tuesday i found three white bleeding hearts, which we have been looking for for years! they sell them in catalogs, and sometimes bare root, but it's been quite a while since we've found them as nice sized plants. planning for the White Garden has begun in earnest!

i was super excited to spy an entire section of fig trees at Lowes on Sunday. i snatched one up, and learned that it is a Chicago Hardy fig and, with proper mulching/protection, is hardy in our zone 5 garden!

the first one (i plan on buying a few more, to test them out) i decided to pot up for bringing back into the house next winter. i was low on potting soil, so i mixed what all purpose i had left with some of the citrus/palm mix. should work fine.

very healthy roots!

the Chicago Hardy is much larger (and older) than my little ficus carica 'Petite Negra'.

although he has put on quite a growth spurt recently. i don't think he will move outside until maybe June.
my new guy was clearly cut back for shipping, but has lots of healthy sprouts coming all over. perhaps we will have a few figs by the end of the year!


  1. Which Lowe's had the Fig plants Matty? I haven't seen them yet. Thanks!

  2. i found them at the Lowes on Coliseum, but it looks like they should have them averywhere...they were mixed in with the raspberries and grapes, etc.