Thursday, May 26, 2011

Leaky Houseplants

A few weeks ago i brought home another clearance plant-this time it was a Philodendron Selloum, or cut leaf (or tree) philodendron. He was marked down to $3.50, and he was HUGE! A total bargain! However, he has a wetting problem....

I mean really, he may not be as full as the others, but he was definitely not clearance worthy! I've had my eyes on several for a while, and found some for $12, but didn't really have anywhere for one to go. Then they got them back in (at Lowes) and they were $25! What? I snatched this guy up without even thinking twice about where he would live...although i still don't have a permanent home for him.

At any rate, the other day i noticed water drops on the table....and he hadn't been watered for several days. Hmmmm....

My Philodendron was crying!

Actually, he was just doing something called "guttation", which you can read about. I've caught the Elephant Ears doing the same thing, and i think it is because i over water them.

Speaking of the Elephant Ears-they want to go live outside NOW!!!

I love their leaves. Sometimes the water drips from the tip, and sometimes it pools in the top of the leaf. If this rain would only stop, they could start getting acclimated to the outdoors. As for now, it looks like they'll just have to wait a little longer.

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