Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lilacs, Relocating, and More Flowers

Yesterday after work i stopped by my co-worker Maria's house to pick a bucketful of lilacs-her backyard is my secret source, until the lilacs at my parent's house grow in a bit more. Her lilacs were there when she bought the place, and have got to be about 12' tall. Of course, the choicest blooms are way up there, but thankfully lilacs are quite bendy, so you can sort of pull the branch down and pick. The other great thing about Maria's lilacs is that her yard is "high shade", so the blooms aren't all bursting at once with the warmer weather (as those in full sun will do). I may have to make a second trip this week....and i cannot begin to tell you how wonderful the Penthouse smells.

the 'Koreanspice' viburnum are gone, and lilacs in their place on the writing desk in my bedroom.

and now on my bedside table is a mix of muscari and lily-of-the-valley. the scent of lilacs and lily-of-the-valley is quite a mix!

some of the latest daffodils in the garden are the all white varieties. they brighten up the bar cabinet (as if a bar needed more than a bottle of Evan Williams to brighten it up!).

these are about the last of the really fragrant mini narcissus from the cutting garden.

more teeny daffodils-the yellow ones are 'Scarlet Gem', and the little doubles are 'Cheerfulness'. i think they were named pretty accurately.

i love how vibrant these tulips are, and look great in the cranberry glass vase. the yellow and red one is a Darwin hybrid called 'Banja Luka', and the lily flowering red ones (the ones with the pointed petals) are 'Pieter de Leur' and were supposed to be more of a magenta color.

I've been wanting to change what is on the top of the bookcases, so i took some inspiration directly from the master-this is a shot of Martha's East Hampton library (from the cover of How to Decorate) before she redecorated the entire place.

so i grabbed every shade of green pottery i had in the house and brought it all together.

moved the Kangaroo Paw fern into one of my old MSE McCoy inspired planters.

i flipped a pot over to create a sort of jardiniere (which, when buying the "real" McCoy are $$$).

i love the way this looks! the lilacs are amazing, and now that the garden is in full swing, i should be able to keep two arrangements on the bookcases with ease.

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  1. ooooooooh! I love this picture...the last one...Lucy and I did the EXACT same thing today!!! I have a vase in every room in the house...plus the apple blossoms. I love love love the way the lilacs look with your b/w pics and eggshell blue stoneware!!!!